west wichita family pharmacy

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to bring simplified, economical and educated pharmacy solutions to West Wichita and the surrounding area."

What Makes Us Different?

We provide a more comprehensive and personalized service than other pharmacies. Through our collaboration with physicians we are able to offer a seamless transition from doctors office to pharmacy. By staying in constant contact with the staff at WWFP we are able to act as a bridge between you and your physician in-between appointments. Using our pharmacy ensures that your doctor is always kept up to date on your health. Get the full health care team behind you and switch to West Wichita Family Pharmacy today!

"Integrated healthcare practices allow for better medication reconciliation, hospital discharge, transitions of care, coordinated billing for services, patient referrals, and understanding of patient health status."

Meet the Pharmacists

Cory J. Simms, Pharm.D.

Cory grew up in West Wichita, earning his diploma at Maize High School. He then attended Tabor College where he completed his pharmacy school prerequisites and played tennis on a scholarship. Cory graduated from The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy with his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Degree in 2016, also receiving his Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Studies. His hobbies include playing tennis or golf, watching sports, particularly KU basketball and Chiefs football, and spending time with his wife and dog. When asked his favorite aspect of being a pharmacist Cory says, “I love being able to interact with so many people and being given the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a patient say that I helped or encouraged them to live a healthier life.”

Meet The Technicians

Nick Sobrino, CPhT

Nick grew up in Wichita, attending high school at East High. In his free time Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and spending time outside. Nick has been a pharmacy technician for 10 years and is nationally certified. When asked his favorite part of being a pharmacy technician Nick says, "I enjoy interacting with patients and trying to make their day a little better."