MedSync is a FREE service in which our pharmacy synchronizes all of your medications to fill on the same day every month. This reduces your trips to the pharmacy and helps ensure you always have your next dose on time!

Benefits of MedSync

  • No need to call in refills!
  • Make fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • Allows the pharmacy to work ahead to prevent any insurance issues that may delay therapy.
  • Allows the pharmacy to better follow your care and keep your doctor updated.

MedSync Patients

  •   have 9% lower rate of
    Health Affairs
  •   are 3 to 6x more likely to
      take their medications
    American Pharmacist Association
  •   Always have access to
      our pharmacist
  • demonstrated an improvement in adherence to chronic disease therapies by over 100 extra days of therapy per year; that's 3.4 additional fills per medication, per patient!

How Does MedSync Work?

MedSync Patients get personalized care from our team. Our pharmacist stay integrated into your care on a month-to-month basis and report back to your doctor. Get the whole healthcare team behind you and sign up today!

The Process

Complete the MedSync Enrollment form to get started today!

Pick A "Sync" Date

Our staff will work with you to select a convenient day of the month to pick-up your medications.

Quick Phone Call

One week before your "sync date" our staff will contact you to determine which medications are needed for the month.


On the day of pickup or delivery our pharmacist will speak with you to see how you're doing and answer any questions you might have!