West Wichita Family Physicians

Our pharmacy is located inside West Wichita Family Physicians. We work closely with their doctors and nurses utilizing a team-based approach to help our patients. Our pharmacists have "Collaborative Practice Agreements" with all of the doctors at WWFP allowing us to perform screenings and services not normally available in a retail pharmacy. With us, your doctor is always in the loop. The physicians love when their patients use our pharmacy as it allows them to be kept informed in-between office visits.

MedHere Today

MedHere Today’s Consulting Firm has the expertise to identify pharmacies that bring value to patients, providers, and payers, as well as assist those that wish to foster that value in their pharmacy practice. Through aggregation of existing high value pharmacies and the creation of new ones, MedHere Today can quickly bring together the kind of high performing pharmacy network needed to meet today’s health care industry’s needs.