Taking a trip out of the country? Stop by the pharmacy clinic for your personalized travel health consultation.

Our team will create a fully customized report of health and safety concerns associated with your travel destinations. As always, this report will also be shared with your doctor in order to keep them updated on your travel plans. This report includes tons of relevant up-to-date information including:

  • Recommended Vaccines (Our pharmacy clinic is certified to administer all vaccines)
  • Up-to-Date alerts including severe weather, disease information, and travel restrictions.
  • Malaria Prophylaxis
  • Prevalent diseases, how they are spread, and how to prevent contraction.
  • Recommended routine medical care to perform before leaving
  • Standard of healthcare in the area
  • Current Food & Water Precautions
  • Safety information including emergency numbers (911) and driving safety
  • Reputable Hospitals, Doctors Offices, and Pharmacies in the area
  • Electricity information
  • Cultural Information including relevant laws
  • Local US Embassies
  • Entry and Departure Requirements (passports, visa's, etc.)

Travel Statistics

  • 80 Million travelers leave the US for foreign destinations every year
  • 95% of travelers fail to obtain the recommended vaccines or prescriptions
  • 50% of travelers get sick due to preventable travel-related illness

Travel Vaccination Program

Remember to plan ahead for any upcoming travels! Notify all of your healthcare providers with relevant travel information and let the West Wichita team handle your vaccination needs.